About us

4 Synchronicity is an alliance of business driven advisors with the longstanding practice in SSC and outsourcing sector.  
We are the group of recognised professionals with a proven track record of success in defining needs, measuring possibilities and changes implementation for global players.

Our first-hand experience results from global projects and strategic initiatives we performed either stand-alone or in partnership with leading global organisations.

Main abilities:

  • Business processes’ optimisation in completing short and long term projects
  • SSC business model and organisation structure change
  • Outsourcing partner selection
  • Process transition (internal/external)
  • Business performance metrics design and implementation (KPI’s/SLA’s/OLA’s)
  • Governance/Compliance Framework execution
  • IT applications customisation and deployment

Our robust portfolio, flexible approach and the client oriented culture, allow us providing our business partners with the customised outsourcing solutions.

We enable you to accomplish your business optimisation objectives related to:

  • Outsourcing strategy decisions making process
  • Shared service foundation / set up
  • Standardise your current services and increase your process cost effectiveness
  • Restructuring Business Model
  • Technology usage